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About the Philips WACS 7500 System

The Philips WACS 7500 is the leading wireless audio centre manufactured by Philips, the latest in their Streamium range of wireless music systems.

The WACS 7500 system consists of a main unit, the WAC7500, and a satellite unit, the WAS7500.

The main unit features a huge 80GB hard drive, and can rip CDs directly onto it without the need for any further equipment (album art and track names are automatically found by the system). With this large capacity you can store around approximately 1500 traditional CD albums!

Stored tracks can then be accessed immediately from the main unit without the need for the original CD, or accessed wirelessly from the satellite unit anywhere else within your house. (Additional satellite units are available if you need to access your music in more than two rooms.)

The updated WACS 7500 wireless audio centre features a slimmer build than its acclaimed predecessors, and for the first time sports Philips' revolutionary SuperScroll technology for rapid access to your favourite tracks, whilst the colour LCD display even displays the album art for the music you are listening to.

The WACS 7500 is also the first Streamium system to feature built-in support for Internet radio. Philips has striked deals with the leading Internet radio publishers such as Live365, BlueBeat and Radioio, allowing access to the hundreds of radio stations available online.

What's in the Philips WACS 7500 System Box?

In the box you will find the following items :

Philips WACS 7500 System Technical Details

The Philips WACS 7500 has the following technical specifications.

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