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About the TomTom 720 SatNav System

The TomTom 720 is one of the best selling satellite navigation systems from the Dutch manufacturers, TomTom.

Featuring a speedy 400Mhz CPU and a huge 2GB of internal storage memory, the TomTom 720 will meet all your travel requirements (it even comes with all maps of all of western Europe pre-installed!)

The 720 also features a built-in bluetooth so it can act as as hands free set if you have a bluetooth phone.

Note that the 720 comes in two variants, one with Traffic (known as the 720T, or 720 Traffic), one without (720). The 720T/Traffic model includes the capability to receive traffic reports. The price list above shows both variants for your convenience.

What's in the TomTom 720 SatNav System Box?

In the box you will find the following items :

TomTom 720 SatNav System Technical Details

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